Available cats and kittens

Artness Cats Blanch 3 months old. From Artness Cats Yasmine and Exotiquebengals Rubens. Sold
Artness Cats Blanch 3 month old Aug -16
Artness Cats Brazze. Very sweet and beautiful malekitten. Sold
Artness Cats Billy. A dark beauty, malekitten.
Artness Cats Åsalinn. Ben n 22, stunning marblefemale. Lynx carrier (snowbengal) Sold
Artness Cats Åse. Ben n 24 32 Beautiful femalekitten.
Artness Cats Årayan, brown spotted a big malekitten. Whited and very good type. Carrier of lynx, snow Bengal. Sold
Male, available Orlando. Not for sale.
Orlando a stunning big boy.