S*Artness Cats/Bengal


We are a small cattery in southern Sweden, breeder of Bengal Cats. We have high goals to breed gorgeous Bengal Cats. The Cattery has been approved by the authority to § 16 animal wellfare. 


* Artness Cats/Bengal are a cattery negative for FIV and FeLV

* All Bengals are tested for PK-Deficiency

* Our Bengals are screened annually for HCM

All images on this website are copyrighted and may not be used for any purpose. All images are photographed by Jeanette Björnberg

Artness Cats Domino
Artness Cats Leon
Artness Cats Leon


The Bengal cat is a short haired breed originally started as a hybrid between domestic cats and Asien Leopard Cats. The bengal cat you have as a pet is quite tame and is enough generations from the leopard cat  not to count as hybrids in Sweden, even though they look like little leopards, with spotted or marbled coat. The breeding started in the U.S. in the 1960s by Jean Sugden Mill. She had an unplanned mating between a leopard cat and a domestic cat, but none of the offspring were passed on in any breeding. Around 1980, she took several hybrid cats from Loma Linda University in California. These cats had been used for research in the feline disease leukosis. These hybrid cats mated with spotted cats and Egyptian Mau. The fifth generation is considered as Bengal cat. 1991 the bengal cat was approved as a breed by TICA and 1999 by SVERAK and FIFe.

We are proud members in TIBCS